Kramer's Salsa is Currently available in five different levels of heat! In addition, our products are all natural!

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MILD with no heat, nicknamed "Grandma's sauce"
MEDIUM a moderate heat, with amazing garden freshness
HOT the "just right" heat
INFERNO a "blazing hot"
Two-time Fiery Food Challenge Winner
HABANERO XXXTREME for those few that "blazing hot" just isn't enough

We currently have two newly featured salsas; they are both all natural and contain NO preservatives.

GREEN OLIVE SALSA garden fresh - tart garlic with a light heat

"Pepper Jams" are currently available in six fruity flavors. Perfect to add a little "kick" the next time you entertain, or cook a home cooked meal! All of our "Pepper Jams" are made with 100% fresh fruit and vegetables. There is no artificial flavoring added.

Raspberry Jalapeno fresh rasberries, tempered with spicy jalapenos
Jalapeno Pepper plump green japapenos with a sweet-light heat
Cherry Jalapeno a wonderful blend of tart cherries, and just the right touch of jalapenos
Peach Mango Habanero a delicate combination of mango and peach spiced with a touch of habanero
Two-time Award winner Fiery Food Challenge & Texas Shoot Out Award Winner
Habanero Pepper fresh habanero taste with a blend of sweetness
Cranberry Jalapeno a wonderful blend of tart cranberry, and just the right touch of jalapenos


Tortilla Soup an excellent blend of spices for fantastic Southwest Soup! No sugar, Low sodium, No preservatives. Makes 8-10 servings. A healthy soup for people needing a low fat, low car, low sodium diet.
Cheezy Enchilada Soup For a water base soup you will be so pleasantly surprised at its fantastic flavor. No MSG, No Cholesterol. This soup mix can be used as enchilada sauce or use less water and use as nacho cheese dip or potato topping.
Chili Soup Mix A mouth-watering blend that will perk up your taste buds, excellent blend with Kramer salsa! No fat, No preservatives, No sugar No MSG. For hunters this chili mix is excellent for venison.

All product of Kramer's Specialty Foods are 100% guaranteed for freshness, as well as excellence!

Catalogs available upon request.